Lavandin essential oil 250ml


Lavandin essential oil 250ml


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“Lavandin” is a hybrid made from two wild types of lavender. One called “true lavender” and another one called “greater lavender” or “aspic”.

The essential oils or extracts are obtained by the process of distillation.

Lavandin can be used in many ways:

-a few drops blended with soft almonds oil make a great massage oil.

-blend 3 to 5 drops with a tea spoon of milk for a relaxing bath.

-helps easing mosquito bites and rheumatisms.

-keeps away parasites, mosquitoes, mites, ants and ticks.

-also effective on dog ticks, a few drops on its neck, ears and legs will help keeping them away.

-use it to remove the smell of cigarettes and give your home a floral scent.

-a few drops into the water to wash the floors, in the filter of your vacuum cleaner or the toilets and last but not least, lavandin is great for treating lenses. Only a few drops are necessary.

Lavandin brings you well being and helps relaxing.

Try it and see for your self!

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