Organic Olive Oil 1 l.


Bottle of olive oil 1L

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The culture of the olive tree in Provence

Provence is historically renowned for the production and quality of its olives.

The main variety grown in Haute-Provence remains the Aglandau which is the most adapted to our terroir: tolerance to winter and spring frosts, resistance to drought. The other varieties also cultivated for the pollination of flowers, are Tench, Ribier, Bouteillan and Picholine.

Olives can be used for several purposes: olive oil, table olives and their derived products.

Green olives can be harvested in November to obtain a “fruity green” oil with characteristic aromas. It is also possible to pick these olives to make table olives.

In December, the green olives turn black and are harvested either for the table or to obtain a “ripe fruity” oil, with a milder flavor.

The harvest is semi-automated: using vibrating rakes, the pickers drop the olives in nets spread on the ground. The olives are then collected and emptied into paloxes. Leaf removal is still necessary.


Mas de Trotte-Vache

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